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Brent Flemmer

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Lowell, Bruce and Brent Flemmer are the father/sons team. Lowell began working in real estate in 1988, after almost three decades in banking. Having already been familiar with many of the backdoor mechanisms of the real estate industry, Lowell found quick success in his new career. He did such a great job, ten years later, in 1998, he had his sons, Bruce and Brent, help him with the workload. Bruce and Brent had graduated from Cal Poly and Sac State, respectively, and were happy to help. With a close-knit family dynamic, a specialty in new home sales, and a strong belief in relationship marketing, they were able to become one of the top producing realtors in Lodi for multiple years in a row through their new home sales, and now, through the resale of the homes they sold years ago.